Basic Dieting

I want to be sure that everyone understands our belief and approach to our Lifestyle Food and how it fits with all Diets and Lifestyle eating challenges.  Most important to understand is we are not Nutritional experts, Diet experts, or Training experts.  We are however, the best food people in the industry.  If you are looking at our Lifestyle website, you have either been referred by a doctor, nutritionist, trainer, friend, or someone involved in the bettering of your lifestyle.  This is where you should start with the process.  Have a professional who you trust, tell you what is best for your body and your beliefs.  When you are comfortable with what you need, then we have the food items that will make your journey easier and more convenient.  

I have listed several different diet types that you have heard of and are popular for most people.  This is just so you can have a basic understanding of how each works in case you are researching yourself, what would best work for you.  With the professional help of KMF listed below,  I learned how and follow the Flexible diet plan.  I believe in it, and recommend it, not only because of my success, but because of how easy it is to utilize.  It has worked very well for me and has changed my lifestyle at an age that most people would not think possible.  I have not experienced all he different diet plans, but I know there are successes with each one.  If you are not sure, look over the basics we have provided and approach your doctor, trainer, or nutritionist on how you should move forward.  


Flexible Diet

Atkins Diet

Paleo Diet

For professional nutritional help please contact:

KMF nutrition and training.  

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