1. Do you have someone to help advise what diet or nutritional plan I should go on?

  We assume most people who are referred to our site have been by a trainer, doctor, or nutritionist.  They are the professionals who you should get advice from, on how our food fits into your lifestyle needs.  Some food companies do recommend and consult you with food recommendations.  We believe that you leave that to the professionals and leave the food as our specialty.  Not only can you get better advice from an outside professional, as they are invested in you, you can save money in the process.  You will actually save money with our food cost, combined with the service fee of a professional nutritionist would both add up to what you would typically pay another food company for just their weeks worth of meals.    

As an example:  Our average cost for a day of breakfast, lunch combo, complete meal, and a snack is $22.50.  If you spend $200 per week (6 days) for another company your daily cost is $33.17.

That's over $10 per day in savings.  You can hire a nutritionist and utilize maintenance plans for around $75 per month.  You will still save over $46 per week and still get continued advice from a professional nutritionist and have the most flexible fresh menu in the market.  Don't let the hype of having a consultation or nutrition advice from a food company overcome clear thinking of economics and affordability.  

Our recommended Nutritional Professional is Kelli Michelle, with KMF.  If interested, you can email her at myfitgirl@gmail.com, or check out her website at kellimichelle.com.  I have been a client of Kelli for over 1 year now and she has the ability to change your life.  Her Flexible dieting plan fits with our food product extremely well and her fees are extremely reasonable.  Click on Nutritional Services link for more information.  

2. Do you deliver directly to me?

We deliver everyday of the week, Monday thru Friday.  We bring it to wherever you want it delivered to.  If you are not there, we prefer you leave a cooler out.  We will put your food w ice packs in the cooler so you'll have your order when you get home.  You'll get to know our delivery drivers, in fact, I personally do the south side of the Valley each day.    

3. Do you have a weekly or monthly contract requirement.  

We have absolutely no requirements with our Lifestyle food.  You can order 1 meal to try it out, or order for a week to make your life simple and convenient.  If your on vacation or need to miss a week it, it's your choice and you simply don't order.  


  -No prepaid contracts

  -Order what you feel you will use

  -Pay for only what you order

  -No cancellation ever policy is needed

  -Pricing is clearly listed on each product

  -No specific weekly menu's, eat what you want

4. Does the food have any preservatives in it?

Your food is prepared fresh for each order.  We add nothing except if the recipe has spices in it.  You will not find a fresher product in the marketplace.  

5. Should I freeze my meals?

Your food will last for the week.  In fact, if you would like order for Monday and again for Thursday. We do not want you to freeze your meals, that's why we have the ordering flexibility of only ordering as many items as you need, and the ability to have it delivered as often as you would like.  This allows you to not over order, as you can simply order again if your needs change or if you are running low.  

6. How does your average meal cost compare to other food companies?  

Average cost of a breakfast, lunch and dinner is around $20.50.  You will have a hard time finding this low of an average with any company.  More importantly you will have a hard time trying to buy just one day worth of food.  Our menu diversity, program flexibility, and costs are not matched with any food companies in Arizona.