Health Benefits of Portion Control

Health Benefits of Portion Control

Saving Money
When you choose to control your portion sizes, chances are you are going to be
eating less. Along with eating less, you’ll be choosing foods that will give you
the best combination of taste and nutrition. This helps you to save money on
frequent grocery store visits, and just think of all the money you’ll save be pre-
paring healthy meals rather than spending money dining out.

No More Binge Eating
When you’re controlling your portions, the goal is to eat smaller rather than big-
ger. By doing this, you slowly train your stomach to shrink, which can cause
you to eat less often. It is unhealthy to overeat or binge during a meal, so if you
practice portion control, you can avoid all the unwanted side effects of binge

Proper Digestion
When you’re not overeating, not only does it help with your weight, but it may
having you feeling better as well. Your body doesn’t have to work twice as hard
to digest larger amounts of food. You will never get that uncomfortable full
feeling following a meal, which means that you can decrease the occurrence of
cramps and stomach pain.

Glucose Levels are Maintained
Overeating can lead to various health problems, including an unhealthy shift in
glucose levels. When you eat, your body creates glucose, and the larger por-
tions you eat, the more chance your body’s glucose levels will rise, which can
lead to hypoglycemia (meaning low blood sugar). Eating smaller portions helps
keep your blood sugar regulated and stable.

Get the Full Feeling Faster
There is no better feeling than eating less than expected. When you train your
stomach to eat smaller portions, you will feel fill faster and not require seconds
or thirds on meals.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Keeping lean and fit may be one of the reasons you have started to watch your
portions. Allowing your body to consume the appropriate amount of food, al-
lows your body to maintain weight. For some, this allows you to lose weight
because of the significant amount of unhealthy calories that are being cut out.