Professional Nutritionist

Kelli MIchelle Fitness team of nutrition coaches is dedicated to bringing you the most personalized fitness and nutrition programming.  KMF is currently utilizing a team of six coaches across Arizona. These coaches are all certified nutrition experts with a NASM / CEU in fitness nutrition and 3 of the 6 are certified personal trainer's running their own personal training businesses. 
We specialize in personalized macro nutrient based needs. Every individual has different macro specific needs based on their current goal. Whether it's weight loss, endurance training, sport performance nutrition, mass building for overall health and well-being, we have you covered. With Midwestern Fitness (MF) on your side, macronutrient tracking is a full proof way to meet your goals!! 
To set up a consultation or start on macronutrient tracking please contact us at the link provided below:  We will talk about implementing your Midwestern Fitness meals into your tracking plan and get you on track to SMASH this years goals. 

What services do we provide?  

Competition prep - fitness, bodybuilding, sport performance nutrition, weight loss, general health and wellness tracking, meet prep, Endurance training programs, weightlifting, bodybuilding CrossFit and other performance based programming.
Testimonial from owner of MF Rod McConnell-     "I started using KMF services just over 1 year ago.  I can honestly say Kelli has changed my lifestyle completely!  She is more than a nutritional coach for me, she is a teacher and leader.  I am more motivated about being fit than I have ever been, and it's because Kelli continues to teach and challenge me in proper training and nutrition.  I use both services KMF and of course MF,  so if looking good and feeling great is your goal, give Kelli a call.