Lifestyle Nutrition

Weight Loss - Low in Carbohydrates, Midwestern Meats Lifestyle Nutrition is designed not only for immediate weight loss, but for immediate taste.  The program is designed with normal food, that has no added seasoning or preservatives.  The Lifestyle Nutrition system is designed to help you enjoy great tasting. low calorie foods, while eating portions that help you reach your caloric levels necessary to achieve your goals.   We believe the biggest problem with weight gain is portion control and taste.  Our food allows for both.  


Healthy Lifestyle - Taking advantage of the nutrients in food is critical for a busy lifestyle.  This program will help you with this and allow you to feel good throughout your day.  Your body is a machine and feeding it with fresh premium ingredients is critical for performance.  


Fitness - Professionally or just a backyard baller this program will help you to perform at your peak.  You may require more calories than the normal person, but if those calories are clean and fresh, premium performance will result.  


Quality - Being in the food business for 23 years requires quality and that is what our entire company is built on.  We buy the best product, not the cheapest product.  Food preparation is done with care and quality control is done by ownership with each and every order.  In fact, owner Rod McConnell, is a weekly customer of Lifestyle Nutrition and is slowly helping to develop a system that makes ready to eat food part of a Healthy Lifestyle.