Order Pick up/Delivery schedule

Orders completion schedule below.

If you will not be available for drop off please leave a cooler out.  Leave ice packs in cooler and we will refresh if needed.  

If we drop off a delivery with one of our coolers, please keep and set out for next order so we can pick up.   

These are typical delivery or pick up times.  You will be sent an email from Jade indicating the actual day.  If there is a large order quantity a day may move back one, but rarely.   

Pick or Delivery  

Available Monday through Friday.  

For Monday order must be placed by Sunday at 6am.

Cut off is 6am every morning (excluding Thursday, Friday, and Saturday these meals will be ready for pick up/delivery on Monday) Give one day for meals to be made after you place order and ready for pick up/delivery the day after that. Once order is placed you will receive and email from Jade confirming date of pick up/delivery. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact her at jade@midwesternmeats.com or 4802589903.  


Pick up at:

Midwestern Meats

4308 E. Main St.

Mesa, AZ 85205

just west of Greenfield Rd on Main Street. 

480 924-5855


 If delivery is chosen we will contact you.  Please provide cell number for text contact.  If you are unavailable we will leave product in cooler with ice or ice packs.  Cooler will be picked up on next order or can be reused if needed.  

Estimated Delivery Time Frame: 

Typically all depends on number of orders.  Monday is the busiest day.  Delivery Drivers are typically Jade Nesbit in the South and Randy Reinhardt in the North.  The routine is pretty consistent and the time frames generally are consistent.  

1. Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek (south of the I-60)  time frame will typically be from 9am - 3pm.

2. Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix time frame will typically be from 11am - 2pm.  

3. Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City time frame will typically be from 2pm - 5pm.  

Zone 2 and 3 may be a little earlier as the week goes on.