Who is Rod McConnell

After having our Lifestyle business for over 5 years now I have decided to let you in on who I am and why this part of my business is so important to me.  I was a college athlete and am still an avid fitness participant.  Now that I am getting up there in age, I decided that I need fitness even more each day so I can enjoy my kids as they grow up through High School.  

I am a daily client of my own food services, so I can speak first hand in regards to our Lifestyle Nutrition dept.  My favorite meal is the Chicken Fajitas.  With the hours I work, and of course spending time in the gym almost daily, the convenience of having ready to eat, portioned meals is very beneficial to me and my family.  With the variety of meals, a person should never get bored with our menu offerings as it is always changing.  

I will offer some advice now and then on our blog or facebook.  I am by no means a nutritionist or a trainer, but I do know a lot about food and how it is the critical piece to your lifestyle goals.  I have been taught reverse dieting by our affiliate nutritionist Kelli Michelle.  I live this program daily and track all my food through myfitnesspal.   I have lived the program and have had results that are amazing, even at my age.  You will see I refer to reverse dieting most often, simply because it works so well for me, hence I believe in it.  My workout advice again is simply based on my opinion, experiences I have learned from Kelli, and from my 25 years of training. 

When I first started working out, I believed I could get the same results by reading fitness magazines and following the same rules I learned as a college athlete. Today, I am a huge believer in hiring professionals to help you achieve your lifestyle goals, especially if you are just starting out.  You can learn a lot from the pro's, and the motivation they provide has extreme value.  I believe that our service is to provide you with portioned food, that is cooked perfectly and offers variety.  I don't think I should be consulting anyone on what is the best way for you to approach a diet or training.  Go to the professionals in each category and you will be lead the right direction.  Once you learn it, you can then go on your own.  After 19 years of lifting on my own, I decided to try something different and hired Kelli Michelle to train me. Little did I know what a great move that was for me and my fitness lifestyle. I learned methods of training, methods of eating, and patience they don't teach you in the magazines or on google.  In only 1 year my approach and body composition changed dramatically. This is why I so highly recommend separating your approach into two. Let us supply your nutrition, but let a professional trainer or nutritionist supply you with knowledge of what nutrition you should eat to hit your goals.

I am happy to always answer questions and help with your success in anyway.  I will promise to keep our menu always moving and changing so you won't get bored.  I also guarantee our services, so please be sure to contact me if you are unhappy with anything.  I wish everyone the best in their goals and hope you will make Midwestern Meats Lifestyle Nutrition part of your success.    


w KMF owner Kelli Michelle